Kimberley Douglas is Adelaide born and bred with a calling into business, education and serving the community. Kimberley is a qualified Nutritionist and Counselor and runs a busy complementary medicine practice called Perfectly Natural; specializing in natural complementary treatments for health challenges like cancer, autoimmune diseases, mental health, diabetes, autism, food allergy, infertility, irritable bowel, skin disorders and children’s health.  

Kimberley’s passion is to empower people through education, truth and knowledge to enhance wellness, expand their options and lead them to experience a better quality of life through well informed decisions. These presentations are insightful and informative; Kimberley believes that by addressing the health of the human body holistically but also as it was created – body soul and spirit you can experience transformation.  

In three sessions Kimberly will touch on physical, mental and spiritual health and wellbeing in a way that is fun, informative and practical.